Similarities and Differences: DEM.REP of the Congo vs Congo, Brazzaville

Congo, Brazzaville is located in central Africa. The country has two big cities. the first big city is Brazzaville which is located on the river of Congo. The second big city is Pointenoire which is located on the south Atlantic Ocean. Congo Brazzaville has four countries next to it which are Angola, Camroon, Gabon and Democratic Republic of the  Congo.

Democratic Republic of the Congo and Congo Brazzaville used to be one but got separated in the 1900s by the French. That is why Congo Brazzaville has French as the first language and the other Congo areas don’t. Instead DEM.REP of the Congo has Suailli  as the first language. To visit DEM.REP of the Congo from Congo, Brazzaville, only the river of Congo separates us. Despite only having a river between us, we have different culture and different ways of dress. Congo Brazzaville people are more laid back, people dress formal and don’t like to be involved in problems. The other Congo are informal, they are always meddling in people’s business and someway always get caught in problems.

Our similarities are: we are both family oriented, and some of the foods are the same. Even though we are different in some ways, people still call me Congolese without knowing there are two Congos. Hopefully, now people will know how to distinguish people from Brazzaville from the other Congo.

While Glendale Community College does not have a study abroad program in Congo, if you enjoy learning about other countries and traveling, you can learn about spending your summer in Prague, Czech Republic or Beijing, China here.


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