Textbooks: Two Weeks for Free

How many times have you waited to buy or order a textbook until after class starts? We all know how instructors and a class syllabus can have different opinions on the whole textbook issue. The class notes almost always list a textbook; however, whether or not this book is actually used in class is a different story. Many times an instructor tells you to pay no attention to the book requirement and instead uses alternative teaching materials.

Another reason students may hold out on buying a textbook until after class starts is to find the cheapest deal – usually online. Although GCC now has some pretty awesome deals with their new textbook rental service, students will never stop trying to save a penny any way they can.

But what happens when your first day of class comes, and your teacher gives you an assignment that is due Wednesday? The school bookstore is out of the book, you’ve yet to order one from anywhere, there isn’t a library within a 20-mile radius that has the book and you don’t know anyone in your class to borrow a book from.

Welcome to CafeScribe! No, this isn’t a comparison of eBooks to hard copy textbooks, although the argument would be very similar to my last post about online class vs in person classes here. Whether or not you’re a fan of eBooks certainly doesn’t matter if it’s the only way you can do your assignment on time.

But I know you’re probably not a fan, else you wouldn’t be in this predicament right now, so I promise not to make you BUY the eBook. I’ll give it to you for free, for two weeks, while you’re being a good student and waiting for your real textbook to show up in your hands.

If you’ve never visited the eBook link through the GCC website, then you’ve probably never heard of CafeScribe. In that case, try here. Once there, you can join and mark your school as Glendale Community College. You can also look for your textbooks, make friends, share notes and lots more.

But how to get that free book? Well you first need something to read an eBook on, you can get that here. It’s called MyScribe, and it’s from the CafeScribe website. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can launch the program and sign in with the information you set at the CafeScribe website. Most of the time, the program will automatically give you a free book so you can test drive the software.

Now back to searching for textbooks. Did you find yours in CafeScribe? I’ll admit, not ALL textbooks have an eBook option, and some don’t give you a free trial. But if you’ll notice, under many of the books, such as this chemistry textbook, there is an option for “Try Now, Buy Later.” Using that option will download a free, one-week trial straight to your MyScribe program.

If one week isn’t enough time, Barnes and Noble offers the same type of deal through their website and a program you can download onto your computer called NOOK Study.

So there you go, two weeks with a free textbook while you’re waiting for the one you paid for to make it through snail mail. No more paying for overnight shipment and no more excuses to not have that first assignment in on time. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn to love the eBooks and never have to wait for another book again. Did I mention eBooks are usually much cheaper? You can also shop the GCC eFollett bookstore.


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