GCC to offer roof top parking on certain campus buildings

In response to overwhelming student complaints about parking on campus, Glendale Community College’s Student Parking Solution Committee was tasked with exploring alternative parking solutions for students. The team has come up with what officials believe will be a profitable and popular solution. The new initiative, which is to offer selective paid parking on top of certain campus buildings, is slated to take effect April 1, 2012.

“This option presents a viable solution for some of our students who are chronically late for class. Structurally, our newest buildings like Life Science and Public Safety Sciences can handle the weight of vehicles in certain areas of the roof,” said GCC Academic Vice President Ron Natale. “We have had engineering students from GCC evaluate the parking solution and they firmly believe we can offer ‘high-rise parking’ starting next April 1st without risk of building collapse.”

Building top surface area is limited to select (i.e. newer) buildings on GCC’s campus so the committee has developed specific criteria for high-rise campus parking permits. Students will have to submit applications and pay an annual parking fee of $71.00 (general parking will remain free). Each application will be reviewed and warded by the committee based on the following criteria:

– Weight of vehicle (no SUVs or full-size trucks will be allowed)

– Vehicle color (GCC’s official school colors are red & black, so school colors will be properly displayed on roof tops)

– Year of vehicle (newer vehicles only will be allowed on top of buildings as not to incur clean-up costs for oil drips possibly leaking into classrooms below)

Happy April Fools Day from GCC! 🙂


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