And the award for World’s Worst Roommate goes to…

There are probably many people out there, especially students, who have lived with roommates. Sometimes you get lucky and everything works out, but other times more problems arise than you are prepared to deal with.

I have been living in a four bedroom house in Peoria for almost 3 years now. Being young, without an actual career yet, I have turned to roommates to assist with the costs. At the beginning, I was finding roommates on Craigslist to fill my extra bedrooms. However, that turned out to be more disastrous than I could have ever predicted.

How many of you have had a roommate that pissed you off? I am not talking about huge things, just the small stuff that gets under your skin… Everyone has their pet peeves, things that annoy you even though you may not even know why. For me one of those things is dishes in the sink. I am not an overly anal clean freak by any stretch, but dishes left in the sink just drives me nuts. I mean, the dishwasher is right NEXT to the sink… how difficult is it to put your glass in there instead of leaving it in the sink? Another small one for me is leaving food or plates/glasses around the house. When you are finished eating I think dinner should be cleaned up. Pick up your plate and put it in the dishwasher. Don’t just leave it in the living room!

Dealing with these situations is difficult. On the one hand, you want to be nice to this person you have to live with. On the other, you want to take a stand at the beginning to reiterate the point that these things really bother you. Although these problems may seem like the worst thing possible it does get worse…

Last year, I had a roommate I found online and he seemed like a great guy. He was 19 years old and this was the first time he had moved out of his parents house. He was also the first of his friends to move out, so his three best friends were also really excited. At first, it seemed like he was the most respectful roommate I could have asked for. He paid his rent on time or early, always picked up after himself, and would never get up to get a drink without offering one to me as well.

Soon, that all changed. One day, the power went out. He and his friend went outside to check the breaker. Right then, 8 to 10 men dressed in black rushed into the house with guns, yelling “POLICE! Everyone to get down!!”

We were all handcuffed and a search warrant was executed on the entire house. Apparently, this great roommate we had wasn’t so great. He had been selling drugs and sold to an undercover agent.

The police watched the house for the next few days and then executed the search warrant on us, not just the property. They didn’t find anything in the house except for in his room, so luckily nothing happened to the rest of us. His parents came and moved his stuff out of the house for him. I am not sure exactly what ended up happening to him afterward.

I always thought that I would be able to tell if someone was bad or not. I guess my instincts were wrong with him. Suddenly, all I could think was “Please just give me a roommate who leaves their dishes in the sink!”


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