Twitpic To Win

Congratulations to Bella Lipska for winning this contest!

Want to win a whole bag of gear from GCC?

Get our your camera & start clicking! Tweet us a pic for a chance to win! Our favorite twitpic entry will win a prize. What kinda favs do we have at GCC? Clever angles, unique perspectives, funny stuff, etc.

Here are the details:

Post your photo, using twitpic, as a tweet on Twitter. Use hashtag #GCCaz and make sure to let us know this is for the contest in your tweet. The photo must be obviously taken on one of the GCC campuses and be G-rated! You can also leave us your photo, or link to photo, in a comment on this blog post (but you MUST tweet the photo).

All photos become property of Glendale Community College upon posting and could subsequently be used in other means of communication (including but not limited to marketing efforts and advertising via Web, print, video, audio or television) by GCC.

Photos deemed inappropriate by us will be disqualified from contest.

Contest ends April 4.


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