Single Mom Student Fun Day

Today I woke up at my usual 5:30 a.m. in time to get both myself and my 15-month-old child prepared for the day and out the door on time. Never mind that my previous day didn’t end until nearly midnight.

When I woke, my son was still sound asleep on the full-size bed we share most nights (despite my efforts to take it for my own, as if losing two feet of space is too much for me). Rather than wake him, I decided it would be a good idea to simply take a quick 10-minute shower and then wake him afterward.

Bad idea.

I entered my room, no more than 15-minutes later, and found him on the floor with a bag of mini Easter egg chocolates spilled around him, and evidence of what I’m sure was a very yummy breakfast all over him.

Do you laugh because it’s funny and admittedly kind of cute? Do you get mad at yourself because you remembered to move everything out of his reach the night before EXCEPT the small bag of chocolate on your night stand? Do you simply sit there and cry because it’s just another day for you as a single mother doing the best you can?

I had a glimpse of frustration because it was a HUGE mess and I thought we’d for sure be late for everything today but that lasted no more than 10-seconds before I smiled at how amazing this little person is.

I have to admit, he’s smart, he was able to get out of bed and get his own breakfast; all without the help of “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma.” I should be looking on the bright side.

Have you ever had a morning like this? An afternoon or evening where it feels like you’re conquering the world keeping up with all of your responsibilities of being a single mom, whether you have any help or none at all?

ASU New College and Helping Hands For Single Moms is offering you the opportunity to look at that chocolate-covered little one and laugh about it with a Single Mom/Student Fun Day. A day to honor you and all that you do for yourself and your own “mini family.”

From 9 a.m. – noon on Sunday, March 27, you and your children can head to ASU West campus for an entire morning of fun including free food for the first 300 single mothers and their kids. You will have a chance to win one of many $500 scholarships (so your next semester can be a little easier!) Activities also include a kids zone, live music, a game truck party, clowns, face painting and a 5K walk-n-run as well as a smaller one-mile walk for those with kids in strollers.

As a fellow single mother and college student, I have faith that we will all survive two more weeks until we can take advantage of this break. I hope to see you all there just enjoying the morning and not having to worry about being somewhere or doing something else.

For more information about the Single Mom Family Fun Day, or to register, call Susan High at 623-845-3052 or e-mail her at Registering and attending will qualify you for a chance to win a scholarship.

If you’d like to participate in the 5K with Glendale Community College, please visit the GCC Team Page.


2 thoughts on “Single Mom Student Fun Day

  1. As a single father raising two children of my own, I’m disappointed the organization holding this event has not evolved to “Single Parents.”

    • I checked with the organization holding this event. Unfortunately they were not aware of any other organization that is similar for only Single Fathers. They did let me know though that while the scholarships and free lunches will only be for the single mom’s at this event, everyone is welcome to attend. So single fathers can take their children and enjoy the activities. Or anyone – single parents, families, those without kids – can do the 5K walk/run in support of single mom college students. But, if you find any good resources for single dads, feel free to share!

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