Life as I know it: Women’s History Month

In America, we like to have designated months to commemorate specific events or people. There are so many out there! Most of which we haven’t even heard of. Did you know that February was ‘National Grapefruit Month’? Probably not. What about January being ‘National Oatmeal Month’? Yeah, me neither. There are so many commemorations for each month that it would be impossible for someone to know and celebrate every one. Obviously, some have more significance to us than others. March is one such month for me.

March is ‘Women’s History Month’. I am a woman and consider myself a feminist; I even have the female logo as a tattoo. I highly admire women from the past who have enabled us to live the way we do today. Women now, myself included, take many freedoms for granted. I never think twice about being able to vote, or to work, or chose whether or not to have and when to have children. But these freedoms have not always existed.

Being a feminist, I have looked back throughout history and honestly thanked the women who had the courage and ambition to refuse to settle for the way things were. These women looked at the world around them and decided to change it. How many of us have ever done something to make the world a better place? Not that many. But, there are women who dedicated their lives to improving the conditions for other women. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony are probably the most notable, in my opinion.

They held the first suffrage meeting in Seneca Falls, NY in 1849. From there, they worked persistently to enable women to vote. I think about how difficult a task that must have been for them. Women of that time had no interest in voting and traditionally, didn’t feel that they should be able to. After spending their entire lives working for the cause they both passed away before 1920 when the bill they worked so hard for finally passed!

Some are not even aware of the strength and determination it took on the part of those two women, and countless others, to get to where we are today. I consider myself a strong, independent woman. I hope to leave footprints on this earth that someone will remember but also acknowledge that they won’t be as significant as those left by others. I can’t imagine what our world would be like today without the advancements in equality for women and other minorities. Would I be an instructor and student at GCC? Probably not. Would I be a single 26 year old without children? Probably not. Oh how different our world would be…

Some people claim that life back then was simple. And that things were less complicated and therefore better. To that I adamantly disagree. What do you think? Was it a simpler time and therefore better? Or, was it a simpler time due to naivete and needed to be changed?


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