nat. txt yur neighbor mth

Now-a-days, technology rules most of our lives. Even the generation gap that once used to be an excuse for not keeping up with the coolest electronic gadgets is becoming less of an excuse. Lately there has been an influx of senior citizens picking up on Facebook to keep in touch with distant family (according to various news articles).

Many say that because people are taking their communications to the online version, healthy in-person relationships are being abandoned. This is where this National Text Your Neighbor Month has me perplexed at best.

Now to be close enough to your neighbor to have their cell phone number, let alone text them, would require some extensive face-to-face contact I would imagine. But to place your relationship on a texting level seems to push it back a bit. In most new relationships today, texting is only the first form of communication to take place, and often times the only form for many months. How long did you go without hearing your current boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) voice?

This leads me to wonder, is this National Text Your Neighbor Month supposed to bring you and your neighbor closer (can you ask to borrow $5 now instead of just a cup of sugar)? Or does it put your relationship back a few steps and create that awkward ground that was there when you first moved in and were only trying to be polite?

Personally, I have lived next to the same neighbors, in every direction, for over 12 years. I have only one person’s cell phone number and have used it to text maybe five times (although I just might make it a sixth after I finish writing this).

On a personal level with that neighbor, I know all about them and their family and I know they know all about me (probably more than I’d like) thanks to my family. So texting only enhances that neighborly relationship, much as it does when I text my closest friends (one of whom has lived three houses down for years, so is she a neighbor too?).

So what do you think? Will you be texting your neighbor this month as part of National Text Your Neighbor Month? Or is your relationship with your neighbor just not on that level?


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