Arizona Business and Leadership Club

Do you dream of being the CEO of a large corporation? What about opening your own business or even just working for a small business? Maybe you’d rather use your creative side to advertise someone’s business.

Any way you choose to become part of the corporate world after college, the Arizona Business and Leadership Club on the Glendale Community College campus can help you achieve your dreams.

While most business majors might find it obvious to become part of this club, students majoring in computers, marketing, dance, fire science or anything else can use the knowledge taken from this organization in their future endeavors. After all, no matter what career you choose to pursue, chances are you will need to communicate on a professional level with someone!

Not only does this club give you the opportunity to become more prepared for a corporate position, it could possibly even jump start your career. The events hosted by the Business and Leadership Club at GCC make for a great way to network with prospective employers.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if this is the right group for you. Please leave your comments if you’ve ever thought about joining the Arizona Business & Leadership Club or if you’ve ever been to a meeting.

How much time is involved?
One hour to an hour and a half on a weekly basis. You are also free to explore any events that are hosted or promoted. However, event attendance is not a requirement, but, a strong set of empowering tools offered to any student interested in business and various other business related fields.

What types of activities does the club hold?
The events the Business Club hosts and promotes are: touring both local large and small, public and privately owned businesses; networking amongst companies such as marketing and accounting firms; and planning and organizing guest speakers. In addition, the club takes on a community outreach project; some of this year’s projects are with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Andre’s House.

Will I be obligated to pay for anything?
Joining the Business Club is completely free to any student interested. A small fee may be required for some events held by the Business Club, although, a portion of expenses are paid with a combination of the allocated funds received from the Associated Student Government and existing funds in the clubs’ accounts.

Can I just show up?
Absolutely! First time attendants are asked for some basic information such as name and contact e-mail so that you can be kept up to date with club events and meeting minutes. The Business Club is most definitely open to any non business majors that are interested in learning more about business and business related topics and events. Meetings are on Tuesdays in the Life Science Building, Room 273.

Where can I go for even more information?
On Facebook

Will this club help me land a job or internship?
While it does not guarantee that you will have a job or internship, being a member of the Business Club will help you network with companies. You can then take charge of your own relationship with that company and possibly develop a job or internship on your own.

Thank you to the Arizona Business and Leadership Club’s VP of Public Relations, Carmen Lazo, who helped with this article by writing some of the answers to the questions.


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