A Few of My Un-Favorite Things

Today I am going to talk about the student parking lot, enrollment center and students who want to join some activities here at GCC, but don’t have the opportunity to.

First, the student parking lot: I think students don’t have enough parking lot spaces because in my case, every time I come to school, I have a hard time finding open spots due to the amount of parking GCC has. It seems like employee parking spots are all over GCC, even though most of those spots are most of the time empty. As a consequence, students go to class late; therefore, miss out on the quiz and some points, which sometimes can lead to drop of a class after too many absences.

Next, the enrollment center. Sometimes in financial aid and advisement, there aren’t enough people to help the students. Most of the time, there is a long with 10-20 people and financial aid only has two people to answer the students’ questions. As a result, some students miss the beginning and sometimes the whole class because those students have really important questions to ask and if they don’t get help that specific day, they have their class drop or not get financial aid to pay for their classes.

Last, some students want to join activities here at GCC but may not be able due to their schedule. The president in the activities should make sure the time is reliable for all students. For example, the African club: instead of having the meetings on Friday at 1 pm, they can do it on a Saturday afternoon – that way more students will be able to attend the meetings. Moreover, even students who have children or work during the week will be able to accommodate those meetings; therefore, more people will participate in the development of GCC.


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