From Africa to Arizona

Hi! My name is Reine, Dianzinga. I am from Africa, Congo, Brazzaville which is located in the central part of Africa. I am working on two associates and one certificate which are: dancing and accounting for associates and communication for a certificate.

I decided to come to Glendale Community College because my mother’s friends gave me the advice and I was used to the Glendale area because of the fact that I like to do everything in Glendale even though I live in Camelback and Phoenix College is closer to me.

At GCC, I like how the advisors take their time to help the students get the right classes, the way some teachers teach the classes like communication classes and dance classes. This semester I am taking public speaking, nutrition and geography class and I hope next semester I would be able to take the classes I am comfortable in like a dance class.

At GCC, even though we have tutors for students, that’s not enough because we have limited tutors which I was unfortunate to experience. For example, one day I went to ask at the center for learning (the place where we go to get tutors) for a geography tutor and the lady I was talking to told me they didn’t have any tutors for geography and that she was very sorry about the inconvenience. I was very disappointed.

Being a student from another country here is hard because a lot of people don’t take me seriously and ignore me sometimes because of my accent. The differences would be that some American students don’t talk to foreign students, so foreign students like myself tend to talk to people who come from another country. Some teachers don’t try to understand the foreign no matter what the student does, which makes me uncomfortable and less open-minded in class. Hopefully, next semester I would not have any teacher like that again. People should be more open minded and include everyone in the circle, even if the person is not from here.

To become a foreign student yourself, learn about the study abroad program at Glendale Community College.


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