My Digital Bulletin Board

I find it interesting that through the proliferation of social and technology based media, fewer people are getting their information through traditional means. When was the last time you looked at the bulletin board at your local grocery story? The last time you attended a community meeting? (Do they even have those anymore?)

I know personally I have never been to a community meeting and only found out last week that my local supermarket has a place for people to post community events.

I am working on this blog as part of a volunteerism course at Glendale Community College, COM 282AC. I will be working with Dr. Jim Reed and Tressa Jumps in a collaborative effort to disseminate information about the college. Throughout this, I hope you all participate and send me your comments and suggestions so this piece will be something you want to read every week. Are there any particular issues you’re curious about? Let me know! Are you involved in or starting a student club or organization? Tell me about it! And, if you are active in the community doing something interesting, I hope you let me know.

I want this blog to be the ‘information spot’ for you. I want you to become involved by suggesting comments of your own or replying to those of others. I look forward to getting to know each of you through your participation, and through our combined effort to get to know GCC better! =)


One thought on “My Digital Bulletin Board

  1. This is totally true. People just do not have enough time these days to stop at a store bulletin board, but have plenty of time to lurk around at nothing on a computer. Digital boards are great for the internet surfer.

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