Green Efforts

If you’ve visited our bathrooms lately, and actually washed and dried your hands, you may have noticed a cute little sticker on the paper towel dispenser. Did you read it? “Less than three saves our trees.” Yes, it’s a saying to remind us all that even something as simple as a paper towel can have a massive effect on our environment. But it’s also a clue to this week’s Club Fridays feature. The people who put those stickers there are not the paper towel dispenser manufacturers, it was Glendale Community College’s own Green Efforts Committee.

In a world where most everyday things have become disposable or are made from some of our Earth’s natural resources, this group of students and faculty strive to reduce their impact on the world. If you’re the type that likes to wear hemp clothing, walk to school and do all your homework on 100% recycled paper, then this club is definitely for you. But, if you’re the type who sees it more practical to work “being green” into your already hectic life (maybe you drive a fuel-efficient car, recycle your Coke can after lunch and have managed to switch your light bulbs to the eco-friendly alternative) then this club is also for you! If you never think about being “green” and don’t have much of an interest in starting now, you might just want to stay tuned until next week’s feature.

With that said, this group can become your life, or it can simply be a meeting here and there to keep yourself motivated to recycle, there’s no better motivator than accountability!

If you’ve never heard of Green Efforts yet, rest assured you will be hearing much about them in the weeks to come as they are the ones behind RecycleMania, a six week long recycling competition. They are also behind the Energy Literacy event happening on Feb. 23.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if this is the right group for you! Please leave your comments if you’ve ever thought about joining Green Efforts or if you’ve ever been to a meeting.

How many people are active?
Right now, there are about 15 active members with the majority of them being faculty (so they need more students!). There are others who come to meetings on occasion.

How much time is involved?
The time commitment of this club is up to you! The meetings last about one hour and are typically only once a month. However, if you choose to take part in organizing some of their larger events (like RecycleMania or the Energy Literacy event), then that would require a larger time commitment.

Will I be obligated to pay for anything?
Not at all! Rarely are funds taken for anything, when they are it is typically for something small such as food at an event and it is donations only.

Can I just show up?
Absolutely! You can show up to every meeting, only a few meetings here and there or be very involved. There is nothing you have to do to join Green Efforts other than to be there.

Where can I go for even more information?

What if I’m already a member of the Environmental Club?
No problem! Why not expand your love for the environment by joining Green Efforts as well?


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